Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to tailor our makeover photoshoot packages to clients needs. Because everyone has different needs and requirements from the professional team at Premier Makeover, we thought it best to compile a list of frequently asked questions.

Of course, if you have a question which isn’t answered here, or you just want to chat to one of the team, you can always call the Premier Makeover team on 0207 388 5757


Q) How long does the session last for?

A) Your day at the studio lasts approximatly 4-5 hours. It’s tricky to be exact as we want to tailor every package to the client and some people’s needs may take a little more time to fulfil. Whatever the specific length of time of your package, it will include your professional makeup being applied, hair styled, a photoshoot and the viewing session.
Premier Makeover is considered one of London’s most fashionable photographic and makeover studios. As a result, we also cater to groups too so if you are coming with a guest(s), time will be extended.

Q) Do I need to bring anything?

A) When you make your booking you will be sent details on what you need to bring. Clothes are not provided at the studio and you will need to bring your own selection.
This gives you more comfort in clothing and results in a more relaxed photoshoot. We also recommend you bring accessories, jewellery and appropriate footwear.
Of course, you can always give us a call to run your ideas through with one of the team.

Q) Can I have a photo with my friend?

A) Yes, of course you can. can have photos with friends/family. At Premier Makeover there is a wide range of makeover photoshoot packages available which cater to groups (as well as some for individuals too). Groups can involve adults, children, women, men, family, friends.

Q) Do I wear make-up to the studio before my photoshoot?

A) We recommend you not to wear any make-up or keep it very minimal. When you arrive at the studio our makeup artist will be applying professional makeup. A clean face is best to apply makeup as it can help create a flawless finish.

We also recommend you not to put any product on your hair and to wash 1 day prior to redeeming your makeover photoshoot package. Your hair will be dry-styled only (you don’t need to worry about it being cut).

Q) Will I receive help in posing in front of camera?

A) One of the reasons why Premier Makeover exists is to offer anyone the opportunity to be a celebrity for a day. As a result, we have hand-picked a team of professional photographers who are skilled at making everyone feel comfortable on set. They will direct you on how to pose, from the kind of expression you give to how you can relax your fingers. No matter how you feel beforehand, many clients say that their photoshoot was the best part of their day with us.

Q) I am allergic to some cosmetics. Can i bring my own?

A) Yes, absolutely. We strongly advise you to bring your own make-up and skincare products if you feel you may suffer an allergic reaction to other cosmetics.

Our make-up artists only use hypo-allergenic makeup and will disinfect prior to applying your make-up. If you have any allergies please mention this to the make-up artist during your personal consultation.

You will also need to bring any skincare products if you have allergies.



Q) I would like some lingerie shots taken. Will i have a private shoot?

A) Yes, our studio is very private. The only people who will be present in the studio space will be you and a photographer. This is the opportunity to have a great time on set and see yourself in some wonderful images.

Q) How long does it take to receive photos?

A) If you would like to receive some photos from your shoot, they can be delivered to you in approximately 6-8 weeks. We are proud of the images we send out so every image is personally checked to ensure it is of the appropriate quality.

For those keen to receive their images earlier they can receive an express service which we can discuss with you when you are viewing your images.

Q) Can photos be airbrushed for me – make me look thinner?

A) Of course they can. Our team of professional digital retouchers can create anything you require with your photos. They can slim your shape, create flawless skin and even give you longer legs. You can view samples of our amazing retouching in your viewing session at the studio.

Q) How much do photos cost?

A) Our makeover photoshoot packages make the celebrity day at Premier Makeover  affordable. This affordability continues with the images too. Photographs start from as little as £50. Your portfolio can also be retouched and airbrushed for you. In addition, you may wish to consider a stylish array of albums and frames at the studio to display your beautiful images. You will have the memories of your day as a celebrity to cherish.

Q) How many people can I bring with me for a shoot?

A) We usually take a maximum group of 6 people at the studio. This can be a family or a group of friends. If you have a larger group, please contact us at the studio and we may be able to arrange this for you. You will need to ensure that the appropriate number of people have purchased the makeover photoshoot packages .

Q) Can I buy a disc of my images as well as prints at the studio?

A) You have a choice of the format of your final images. You can receive your images on disc or as prints. Printed images come in various sizes and can be placed in frames or albums. Discs come complete with copyright of your beautiful images can treasure forever.

Q) Can I bring fancy dress outfits with me?

A) Yes, of course. At Premier Makeover we love everyone’s unique styles and enjoy when people have fun. Our professional photographers are brimming with ideas on how you can look amazing on set so you can be as creative or as conservative as you like. This is your day in the celebrity life – so you can call the shots!

best_makeover_studio “I got a Deluxe Makeover package as a gift for my 21st birthday. It was my best birthday ever! I felt so pampered and absolutely loved my hair and makeup. The photos came out amazing – I looked like a movie star! Best of all I got to leave all ready for my night out! I’ll definitely come back again for a glamour shoot plus I bought the gift experience for all my friends! Thanks for making my day so special.”